Diverse Voices and Action for Equality or ‘DIVA for Equality’ as it is also known, is a rapidly growing peer support group of lesbian, bisexual women and transmen, and other marginalized women including women in non-traditional employment and sports. The collective work grew out of shared interests in sports ranging from rugby, soccer, to volleyball and hockey, and a growing desire of a group of younger LBT women to work together on issues of human rights and social justice.

DIVA therefore aims to create and strengthen spaces for collective social voice of Lesbian women and transmen, to create a virtual and actual space where our constituents can access social support services, learn new skills and be part of a strong and sustainable support network, as well as working on human rights and social justice for all in Fiji, including those of us with diverse and non-heteronormative gender identity and sexual orientation.

DIVA for Equality uses a south feminist and human rights frame for our work, and is guided by a management collective. DIVA is currently a network, and is transitioning to NGO status. Please send public enquiries to: divafiji@gmail.com